CaptureInsta is a web app which allows users to download Instagram Profile Pictures, Stories, Highlights, Photos, Videos without downloading any app. Some apps ask users to sign into their Instagram for downloading images from Instagram in the app itself, by doing that, the user puts the username and the password at risk. CaptureInsta doesn’t ask users to sign into their Instagram account for downloading Reels, Profile Pictures, Stories, Highlights, Photos and Videos.

CaptureInsta doesn’t host any pirated or private media on its server. All the properties are downloaded from Instagram CDN ( The respective owners of the properties own all the rights. CaptureInsta doesn’t allow to download private properties from Instagram, it only allows users to download the media which are public and visible to everyone.

Disclaimer: Please note, discussing the above mentioned CaptureInsta by no means is responsible for any damage or any copyright infringement. The visitors/users of CaptureInsta are asked to use this webapp wisely on their behalf and to always give courtesy or credit to the original authors for their work.